Livia Garreta is a mosaic artist. From his workshop in the village of Gràcia restores,
does classes, receive orders and creates his work. 28 years ago that there are dedicated
and make sure that it is a very ancient art is unknown.

Livia has undertaken the restoration of the entrance to the Boqueria market, has participated
in the mosaics of the Museum of Catalan Art Nouveau and the mosaics of the room B of the Luz de Gas.
In her workshop are tiles, glass, stones or any hard and resistant material that can be cut.



El trencadís amb Lívia Garreta

23 març 2015 /  TV3 GR Barcelona

Acompanyem els amics de Gran Recorregut al taller de la Lívia, experta en l’art del mosaic o,
com ella diu, de “pintar amb pedres”. Fragments extrets del programa “Gran Recorregut Barcelona”,
emès a TVC.



 Participation in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

July 2108, Washington.



 Presentation of Livia Garreta in the mosaic workshop.

Video make by Rosso Fiorentino.



La Lívia Garreta fa 25 anys que es dedica 

a l’art del mosaic

Per: Aitana Molina / Neus Valls / 16 d’abril de 2014 / BarcelonaTV





Mosaics: Painting with Stones

From: Chris Finnigan / 25 de febrero de 2015 / El

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Curriculum Vitae



1988 Bachelor of Fine Art, Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

1980 Bachelor of Geography and History, specialized in Art History , University of Barcelona.



2014 Member of “Minerva” creators of Gràcia, Barcelona City Council.

2004 Diploma of Master Artisan in the tradeofmosaicist by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

2002 Level C of Catalan.

1981 Certficate of Education Aptitude C.A.P.

1976 “Eugenid’Ors” Young Award paint Sala Parès, Barcelona.



2009 Seminar The Art of Women, bookstore Pròleg, Barcelona

2008 Security risks prevention in artistic professions course, CCOO Continuing Education Plan

2008 Conservation and restoration of mosaics workshop participation, at theFine Arts Museum in Castellón , Valencia .

2004 Diploma Course in Ancient Mosaic .An expression of power.Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.

1986 Course at C.I.S.I.M. Centro Internazionale di Studi by The insegnamento Mosaic in Ravenna, Italy.

1985 Introduction Course to Ceramics in La Bisbal , Girona .



2011 Courses for mosaicbeginners  imparted at the civic center La Casa Elizalde, Barcelona.

2011 Workshop DreinullTrencadís by AgenturfürMediatainment , Berlin .

2007-09 Workshop teacher of musivariaspecialty of the School of Arts and Design Llotja Barcelona .

1989-1990 Lecturer at Can Roca tile Esparraguera Workshop School , Barcelona .

1987-1988 Professor of Drawing and Painting at the AteneoObrero de SantAndreu .

1986-1987 Professor of Art and Design at the SagradaFamilia , Barcelona School.

1982-1986 Professor of Art and Design in Cems – Fivaller , Barcelona Academy.

1981-1982 Professor of Art and Design at the Princess Margaret School of Barcelona.



2018 Mosaic works for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington.

2018 Mosaic for the sports area in Vallmoll, Tarragona.

2017 Mosaic for the high altar of St. Josep in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

2015 Mosaic for the parish of St. Josep in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

2014 Mural mosaic in the plaza mayor of Els Prats de Rei, Barcelona.

2014 Mosaic, logo and trophies for the company Spinergy inc. Singapore.

2013 Mural mosaic for the local “The Republic Valenciana”. Valencia.

2012 Mosaic for “The Freixeneda” of Freixenet, St Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona.

2011 Mural mosaics, Bust, Alsace, France.

2011 Mural mosaic, c/ Torrent no. 6, Sta. Coloma, Barcelona.

2009 mural mosaics and columns to the Museum of Catalan Modernism , Barcelona .

2007-08 Mosaics for chalet L’ Oreig of Andorra.

2006-09 pavement mosaics for Marsan stores.

2005-06 Mosaicsfordowntown La Atalaya de Tudela , Navarra .

2003 Mosaic Mural for Mireia Florensapharmacy ,Esparreguera.

2001 Start of the collaboration in the workshop with Marta Clua .

1999 Mosaics for Can Tiparestaurant , Barcelona.

1998-1999 Mosaics for Park Terrace Vallès , Barcelona .

1997-2007 Mosaics for La Roca Village in Roca del Vallès , Barcelona shopping center.

1996 Mural mosaic for a pharmacy inSantQuirzede Besora , Girona.

1996 Mosaic pieces for Ikea Badalona , Barcelona .

1995 Mosaic pavement for a property in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

1995 Mural mosaic for the McDonald’s restaurant in Provence street of Barcelona.

1994 Reproduction of two Roman mosaics at Lledó House Badalona, Barcelona.

1989 Start of Livia Garreta’s artistic mosaicsworkshop .

1989-1990 Mosaic workshop for School Esparreguera.

1987-88 Mosaicpieces for Urban Seneca street shop , Barcelona.



2017 Restoration of the Amadeo Carbonell’s modernist mosaic, Barcelona.

2015 Mural mosaic restoration of the Escribà pastry, las Ramblas, Barcelona.

2013 Mosaic restoration of the entrance mosaics of the Boqueria Market, Barcelona.

2012 Mural mosaic reproduction of the facade of the Casa Lleó i Morera, Barcelona.

2011 Mosaic restoration of Lluís Brú in the pantheon of the cemetery of Montjuic, Barcelona.

2010 Escribà pastry shop facade mosaic restoration, Barcelona.

2009 Restoration of a mural mosaic Maragaliano , located in the crypt of the SagradaFamilia , Barcelona .

2007 Hospital de Sant Pau chaptermosaic pavement restoration in Barcelona.

2006 Restoration mosaic pavement (3rd floor)of the House and LleóI Morera

2005 Restoration of floor mosaics located in the HostalLa Gavina, Sagaró .

2001 “Salve” mosaic pavement restoration, located at Hospital de Sant Pau entrance in Barcelona.

2000 Partial Restoration of mural mosaic located in the crypt of the Legion of Montserrat, Barcelona.

1999 Partial restoration of mosaic pavement located in the civic center of Barcelona Can Deu.

1998-1999 Restoration of Roman mosaics in the villa of Atmallers of Tossa de Mar, Girona.

1998 Collaboration with Peter Joseph ,Museum curator of the Museum of Archaeology in the restoration of a Roman mosaic from Villa El RomeralAlbesa , Lleida.



2018 Participation in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington.

2014 Mosaics exhibition in CSIC residence, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona.

2009 Exhibition with Arts of Catalonia, atConstrumatfair , Barcelona.

2007 Exhibition with Arts of Catalonia, atConstrumatFair , Barcelona .

2006 EO! Exhibition with Gràcia Artisans Association, in Arts of Catalonia, Barcelona.

2005 Exhibition at the Third Modernist fair ,Terrassa , Barcelona .

2004 Collaboration with Parramon editions in the book Mosaic .

2002 Exhibition with Gràcia Artisans Association in Barcelona Park Guell .

1992 Participation with mosaic pieces in the Museum of Modern Art ,during the Cultural Olympiad of Barcelona .